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Writing Services

Because it’s how you say it.

Employing the language arts in the diverse applications of business and the Internet can be counter-intuitive. Words are tools that must be optimized for each modality. Knowing the correct usage in each circumstance is vital for success. “Voice” is no less vital for business and marketing than it is for novelists and storytellers.

For instance, in journalism, articles for news sites must be formal and concise, written in a very specific [who, what, when, where] structure. Failure to follow the formula will result in rejection and an opportunity for free exposure is lost. Press release boiler plates are similar. Conversely, blog entries are written with very different expectations. The structure is much more relaxed and conversational. Be they technical or social blogs, the informal atmosphere is the same, but the copy must be no less concise than a “bona fide” news site.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, shopping sites need copy on the page of every individual item. While it should be readable, the primary purpose is to provide tags to bring shoppers to the page. Packing copy with keywords isn’t the Great American novel, but careful management, a little imagination, and lots of practice can couch the SEO within pertinent information and a pleasurable experience for the shopper, resulting in both higher traffic and higher conversions. A good copywriter makes it happen. Win-win.

Venturing away from the Internet, the written word is no less important. Particularly in business, correspondence, reports, prospectuses, pamphlets and catalogs all convey to your audience, be they customers, partners, employees, or prospective clients, the spirit of your company, as much as your offices or your showroom floor. You must use the right words to communicate with your target audience, and a great writer will hit the mark every time.

At pennyfreeman.com, we have spent more than thirty years honing our writing skills. Our writing voice ranges from corporate boardroom to Twitter feed and every stop in between. What do you want to say and where do you want to say it? Who will be lending their ear? Give us the details and we’ll be happy to virtually put words into your mouth.


An Internet copywriter is the marketing workhorse. They are responsible for content on shopping pages, social media marketing, and any word filler that you see on the page. However, just because Internet “copy” is ubiquitous doesn’t mean it has to be generic. Unless that standard best serves the need and intent of the business it represents. From glass to jewelry to motorcycles, as writers, we know how important it is that the copy we provide reflects the company and the site it represents. An Internet copywriter is also responsible for maximizing search engine optimization (SEO) into the text. The best copywriters have a sound understanding of the functionality of SEO principles, a broad vocabulary, and strong language skills that provide seamless integration of keywords into the information and advertising copy of the website. Our copywriters provide content for the following:

Web content for individual pages

  • about us
  • contact us
  • frequently asked questions
  • product descriptions with SEO content
  • meta data for product pages

Social media marketing

  • Facebook posts
  • Twitter content
  • Fan/follow interaction
  • Ad copy


  • Print materials (pamphlets, flyers, etc.)
  • Blurbs & trailer copy
  • newsletter email campaigns

Some examples of our copywriting at work:


A ghostwriter is the other side of the story-coach coin. Where a story coach guides a writer through the creation process, a ghostwriter has a more proactive role. They still work closely with the titled author, but their writing fingerprints” are on the work equally strong and sometimes more strongly than the originating author’s.

Titled authors use ghostwriters when they have compelling stories to tell but lack the writing skills to adequately convey their message. Autobiographies frequently are written by ghostwriters. Working with a ghostwriter allows the titled author credit for their stories, and the added credibility of a first-person experience in nonfiction scenarios. Ghostwriters typically do not have front-cover credits.

The writers at pennyfreeman.com LLC have worked with many writers behind the scenes and are eager to help you bring your story into the light of day, whether it be a story idea you’ve been nursing a long time, or a true life situation, a single incident, or a life history. Even if you only intend to share it with your family or have it bound and put on a shelf, we can help you produce a work you are proud to put your name on.


Journalism has its own place in contracted writing, in the form of press releases and news opportunities. There are many outlets both on the Internet and in the physical publishing world that provide increased exposure for your company. Neighborhood magazines and periodicals, classifieds with community news and events, city desks, and special interest publications all accept intelligent, well-written and timely news events, spotlights, and editorials. A broad spectrum of press release outlets provide much needed SEO exposure for your company and your product. Well-written and engaging articles and submissions are the key to success in news outlets.

Business Writer

Life still goes on beyond the confines of the Internet, and companies of every size have very real business needs. “Small” doesn’t have to mean amateur or cut rate with the writers at pennyfreeman.com LLC in your corner. We have thirty years of experience in WordPerfect Office, expertise with Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Visio, with twenty years with Adobe Photoshop. Yes, you can look as sharp as the big guys. You just don’t have to pay for a full-time executive assistant.

Business needs

      • Personal correspondence
      • Transcription of dictation and/or notes & journals
      • Mailing lists
      • Business prospectuses
      • Quarterly reports
      • Visio & Gantt charts
      • Powerpoint Presentations
      • Convention programs & materials

Question: “I don’t have anything to say. I just want to sell my product. Why do I need a blog?”

Answer: Blogs are an integral aspect of the search engine optimization of your website, which is a fancy way of saying, making your website visible to sites such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The more pertinent content their algorithms (called spiders) can find on your site, the higher it ranks, and the easier it will be for your customers to pick you out from the competition. The more material you have on your website, the more fodder you are feeding the search engines; ergo, blog blog blog.

Question: “I’m an artist (or a hair stylist or a photographer, etc.). I want to post my portfolio on my website. Isn’t that enough?”

Answer: While it is very important to attach meta data to your images, the search engines don’t only rank single words. They also judge the words surrounding the key words. This helps fight against “black hat” practices such as posting invisible pages full of nothing but straight key words. The search engines judge the value of your content, not just your meta data. Especially if you have an image-heavy website where opportunities for accompanying text are low, a blog provides you the best opportunity to seed your website with quality content.

Question: Alright, but I still don’t have anything to say. I’m not really a writer.

Answer: That’s what pennyfreeman.com LLC is for. Whether you want us to research and write your blog posts or simply edit and post them, if you want us to augment what you do on your own to pump up the volume, we can help you with ideas. The writers at pennyfreeman.com LLC have performed writing services for blogs from lawn care to skin care, and every stop in between. We know how to provide accurate, intelligent, and engaging information to draw customers to your site. Then convert those visits into sales.


WL NevesCapturing the memories of aging loved ones can be simplified with the transcr
iption services of pennyfreeman.com LLC. Combining transcription skills, writing skills, and formatting, we can work with family members to get oral histories digitally recorded and transcribed, journals transcribed, images scanned, and all the materials compiled. We can then compose an original work based on those materials, and new interviews as required. Or, we can arrange the materials chronologically without any editorial review to be printed and bound as a scrap book.Glen Tarbet

Penny Freeman, author, editor
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