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Westmark House

Welcome to Westmark House, the palatial London residence of the Family Durant. The amazing feat of engineering and design testifies of the family’s rank and wealth. The manse backs upon St. James Court, it’s portico and grand facade facing Green Park. With its towering central rotunda, Westmark House reigns over the West End. Buckingham House, Queen Charlotte’s residence across the park, pales in comparison.


The ultimate symbol of its opulence, the rotunda is an engineering marvel of iron and stone. Its grandeur notwithstanding, It provides an excellent landmark for guests of the family, as all else radiates from it. Should you ever become lost as you wander through the house, you can always find your way to this vast expanse.

Morning Room

This room most bespeaks “family” to Piper, where the pull of his mother and grandmother drew everyone throughout the day. Thus, it feels most fitting to make introductions there. Come here to meet Piper, Cassandra, and their kin.


The great library at Westmark House is known to every scholar in the kingdom and contains a wealth of information. Here, you can explore the many cities, villages, and family estates Piper traverses fulfilling his duty to king and country.

Grand Salon

If walls could talk! When elevated personages visit Westmark House, they are first received in the state salon. Learn of the high and mighty the Durants have been honored to entertain, and how they changed the course of history.

My Father's Son by Penny Freeman (Heirs of Westmark Book I)


Although technically part of the library, this cozy annex on a mezzanine level holds a special place in Piper’s heart. Here he and his cousins would come for private tutoring from his grandfather, James Durant. Come to the schoolroom for the stories “The Gaffer” would tell, the family lore, exclusive tidbits of information, and perhaps even some obscure journal entries. Browse all you like. You never know what secrets you might unveil.


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