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Cassandra Sterling is caught between two worlds:

the respectable gentility of her parents and the

extreme elevation of her godfather’s Great House.

She has long suspected Richard Durant

intended her for his exceptional son,

educating her better than any heiress.

However, when tragedy comes to Westmark,

“Sandy” is thrust back into the relative

obscurity of her country connections.

She realizes her folly, and pushes 

the secret love that will always haunt her

where it belongs: in her past.

Pierpont Durant has strived his life long

to meet the expectations of his father

and honor the Westmark legacy.

Compelled into a life of shadow and skullduggery

by his own brilliance and sense of duty, the

cherished dream which once gave “Piper” hope

he now finds slipping through his grasp.

He has always made his father’s

battles his own, but now is torn

between his heart’s desire and his duty

to king and country.

Should he resign his commission to pursue

the love of his life, his only salvation? 

Or, abandon all hope to halt Bonaparte’s

relentless march across the Continent?

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